PARD SA Thermal Scope

PARD SA Thermal Scope


The SA series' chassis is based from their extremely popular NV008 infrared riflescope and, at less than 500 grams it is the smallest, most light weight (and affordable) thermal scope on the market.


It's shutterless design, with the 384x288 thermal imagine chip refreshes at a rate of 50Hz giving it s smooth HD display. The 1080p viewfinder has a choice of four reticles can be selected in either white, red or yellow. Similar to PARD's NV008 there is a one shot zero function where once a shot at a target has been taken then one can take a "screenshot" on the thermal scope and simply adjust the reticle into the right position. The SA series also sports a heat tracking function that highlights areas of greatest heat (which is usually the head of one's quarry) as well as a laser red dot to help you keep track of where you are pointing. The unit is rated up to 6000 joules of recoil which means up to a .308 rifle.

PARD make the SA thermal rifle scope with four sizes of lens: 19mm, 25mm, 35mm and 45mm. Each version also has the option of being equipped with a built in laser range finder which appears on the display of the unit itself. Have a look at the specification table below to see which version best suits your needs.

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