The PARD NV007 is a rear mounted digital night vision add on which transforms your regular rifle scope into a high-tech night vision device. Lightweight and compact the NV007 contains all the components in one neat little unit which is small enough to fit into your pocket. The powerful inbuilt infrared (IR) illuminator gives the ability to see well out to 150 yards, but with the addition of an external IR torch you can see even further.


The viewer is located at the rear of the unit giving “in-line” usage meaning that operation of the unit is very similar to that of normal scope. However, the NV007 adds four inches to the back of the scope and so we recommend using a rifle stock extender for comfort.


The NV007 comes with the ability to record your hunts onto a micro SD-card, which can be viewed through the device itself or through a free app which can be downloaded onto any smartphone (called PPShow).

The unit comes with a very slick method of fixing onto the back of your scope through a bayonet fixing and once in place the device can be inserted and rotated to lock into place. The device can be used as a night vision spotter and then placed back into the rifle in a matter of seconds. The PARD NV007 can be attached onto almost any rifle scope, feel free to contact us to ask if your day scope is compatible. A 45 mm bayonet fixing is comes with the unit but 42 mm and 48 mm fixings are also available.


Unlike other night vision units out there the NV007 is powered by one removable (inexpensive) lithium ion battery meaning that when you are out lamping you can simply switch out the battery for a new one and keep shooting – extending the already lengthy battery life of 4 hours.


We now supply a new type of adaptor for attaching the NV007 onto the rifle scope. It is designed to fit ocular bells of diameters 40 - 46 mm, it gives a superior fixing onto the scope and is simpler to use than the standard 45 mm bayonet fixing which comes as standard.


There is an option to have an additional IR torch to that of the in-built, 5W, laser of the NV007. Having an extra light source increases the range of the night vision system as well as adding clarity to the sight picture. The LED IR torch has a typical range of 150 meters where as the laser's range is 200 meters. The difference in the torches is highlighted in a clip in the video section.

  • Key Features

    • 1080P Full colour for day time viewing.
    • 1080P Night viewing.
    • 4-hour battery life.
    • Recoil tested for up to .308 calibre rifles.
    • Built in recorder for videoing your hunts.
    • Adjustable brightness and exposure for getting the perfect set up for all conditions.
    • Built in WIFI system to allow for remote viewing through your mobile or smart device.
    • Takes a micro SD card for saving your videos.
    • Dioptre adjustment.
    • Removable battery.
    • On board compact IR Illuminator with 3 power modes and zoom function.
    • Built in laser illuminator.
    • Scope mount included for quick on and off mounting.
    • 16mm Lens – focusable ensures crisp reticule.
    • Weight 250 grams.
  • Included

    • 45mm bayonet fixing.
    • Replacement O-rings & Allen Keys.
    • Tape for packing eye-piece.
    • Battery is not included.
    • 1 year warranty.
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