What we do

We supply simple to use night vision devices which either converts your day riflescope into a high-tech night vision system or replaces it entirely with a top-end digital rifle scope.


At Precision Night Vision we strive to deliver professional-grade equipment at affordable prices; designed for the full-time gamekeeper and hobbyist pest controller alike. We stock a full range of night vision devices, from as little as £135 and hope to start stocking top-of-the-line thermal imaging scopes in January 2020. After six year's design, manufacturing and in the field experience we are confident in providing a cost-effective solution to lamp shy pests. Allowing you to humanely dispatch quarry out to 300 yards in the dark.

We aim to have as many of our products in stock as possible so that we can offer next day delivery to our customers, we are friendly so please feel free to get into contact with us if you have any questions.

Classic Night Vision Add On Promo Video

What our products do

We sell three main types of night vision devices: Night vision “Add Ons”, digital rifle scopes and night vision spotters as well as other accessories.


Add Ons attach onto your existing day rifle scope, converting them into high-tech night vision systems. They are designed to be able to be put on and taken off in a matter of minutes and, for some designs, seconds with no re-zeroing required. All of our products have strong and rigid mechanisms of attachment to the riflescope – unlike other night vision add ons available on the market which have a tendency to move out of position when knocked.


Each add on design has a simple method of focusing the camera onto the crosshairs of your rifle scope, in most cases, there is an easily accessible focusing knob. We supply a range of different add ons for different applications, have a look in the shop page and see what suits you.


Digital rifle scopes are designed to replace a conventional day rifle scope – which can be used during daylight hours as well as at night. We are proud to also supply thermal imaging scopes which work by picking up heat signatures produced by vermin.


Night vision spotters are handheld night vision devices used to help spot vermin in the dark so what you don’t have to dangerously point your rifle and night vision system to find your target in the dark. We offer both infrared and thermal spotters.


Garth Hawyes. Pig hunter, Natal, South Africa.


"Easy to use night vision such as the ones provided by precision night vision has been a game changer. Since I have started using units the number of successful hunts has more than doubled. I have shot pigs as far as 250 meters no problem with the night vision unit on my .300 H&H."



Alistair Mackenzie. Farm Manager, Norfolk.


"The night vision couldn't be easier to use and has made lamping around the farm easier and far more efficient, particularly as the rabbits become lamp shy. Communication was excellent, someone from precision night vision even came to show me how to set up the night vision on my rifle!"


Add ons

  • Classic night vision add on

  • PARD NV007

Digital rifle scopes

  • PARD NV008 & NV008LRF

  • PARD SA Thermal - NEW

  • PARD Hunt Pro 



  • Digital IR Spotter

  • PARD thermal Spotter



  • Aluminium flight case

  • Spare batteries & charger

  • Mountable Laser Range Finder

  • PARD NV007 Bayonet Fittings

100% guarantee. We will fix or replace any units if you are not completely satisfied - each product comes with a years warranty.
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